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Become a Coach

Coaches are highly regarded and their time is always in demand. At the same time, they enjoy flexible schedules. Coaches may spend just a few hours a week working with gymnasts to build their skills, or have a full schedule training athletes for competitive events both locally and nationally.

National Coaching Certification Program

The Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) has developed the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as a coach training and certification program for all coaches. The new NCCP is moving towards a competency-based approach where coaches are trained and evaluated in several core competencies.

The NCCP For Gymnastics Will Certify Coaches On 6 Levels:

  • Gymnastics Foundations (GF)
  • Competition 1 (Beginning Competitive Gymnastics) – Level 2
  • Competition 2 (Provincial Competitive Gymnastics) – Level 2+
  • Competition 3 (Provincial/National Gymnastics) – Level 3+
  • Competition 4 (High Performance Gymnastics) – Level 4
  • Master Coach - Competition High Performance Coach


Before you take any courses, make sure you register for your National Coaching Certification Program number (NCCP#).  Register at The Locker.     



Online Theory Courses


Gymnastics Foundations Theory:

This 4 hour online course will cover the following NCCP modules: Planning a Practice (PP), Emergency Action Plan (EAP), and Making Ethical Decisions (MED). See MED section for more details.

C1 Theory Courses:

This online course will cover the following NCCP modules: Basic Mental Skills, Design a Basic Sport Program and Teaching & Learning.




Competition 1, 2 and 3 Courses



Gymnastics Foundations Introduction & Artistic Courses 




This one day NCCP course is taught in the gym and is an active course. It is relevant to all gymnastics disciplines (Active Start, Artistic, Trampoline & Rhythmic). The course will cover the Fundamentals of gymnastics while developing Fitness abilities and having Fun.

ARTISTIC (9 hours)

Coaches will learn Fundamental Movement Patterns (landings, stationary positions, locomotion, rotation, spring and swing) and basic skills specific to artistic gymnastics.

Coaches will be equipped to coach Recreational Artistic participants 6 years old and older.





Gymnastics Foundations Active Start Courses


Active Start (AS) (9 hours)

This course is designed for coaches working with preschool age children. Coaches are introduced to the AS approach, the AS child, the AS lesson and the AS program.

Coaches will be equipped to coach participants under 6 years old.

Trampoline Courses



  • Coaches will learn progressions and safety tips for teaching basic jumps, body landing skills, adding twist before or after a skill and combination skills specific to trampoline gymnastics. This course does not include any inverted skills.
  • Coaches will be prepared to coach Recreational Trampoline participants 6 years old and older.

LEVEL 2 (Trampoline)

The Trampoline (TG) discipline will continue to follow the Level 2 structure until their disciplines have been updated. Steps are as follows:

Complete the multi-sport Theory Introduction to Competition Part B. This course is offered by Alberta Sport Connection, click here to find a course near you. It is recommended that you take the Theory Part B course before enrolling in the Level 2 Technical course, but it is not mandatory.

Attend and successfully complete the Level 2 Technical course in your Sport Specific Discipline (Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline). After completing the Technical course the coach is considered “TRAINED”. “TRAINED” coaches must be under the supervision of a Level 2 certified coach within that discipline.

Complete 150 hours for Trampoline AFTER you complete the respective Level 2 Technical course(s).

4.  You must complete and submit your Level 2 Practical Coaching Form with payment to the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Make sure your supervisor completes the supervisor’s section and signs your form otherwise it will be returned to you. Keep a copy of the form in your Coaching Portfolio just in case you need it later.